What could possibly be the perfect trigger to evoke your long life dream of farming on the hill other than stepping your very own feeth in the middle of carrots and potatoes field?

Last weekend, I finally got the chance to suit up my trekking gears and went hiking to Mount Prau, Dieng Plateu of Central Java.

Little did I know, Dieng Highland is not only famous for its kids with dreadlocks, golden sunrise and one of the smallest temples ruin complex in Central Java. In neighbouring area, the crops from Dieng apparantly have made a name for itself as one of the most sought after harvest. That being said, I was overwhelmed when finally found out the vast farm fields that spread all across the valleys and hills of Dieng, and it made a quite picturesque view when you catch a sight from the Prau’s top, I must say. While the beautifully arranged farm fields that stole my view, it was the smell of fertilizer that somehow gave a familiar feeling when I walk along the trail downhill of mount Prau. The smell was definetely not a flowery one, but walking down the trail in the middle of carrots and potatoes fields, smelling that peculiar scent in a warm breeze did a wonderful job bringing me to that one time when a young version of myself walk on a muddy slope of rice field.

The memory was vague, but the feeling was clear.  A feeling of homey comfort, relaxing serenity and humble complacent. A feeling that somehow I identify with farming, a feeling that someday I would love to recreate.


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